The diet

Lose weight in a fun way.

Why Lignavita?

You have made the decision to loose those excess pounds once and for all? Congratulations! You have taken the first step in the right direction. 

We want, just like you, that you achieve maximum and fast results that are sustainable! It is important that you only lose excess fat mass while the muscle mass is protected. A healthy muscle mass will arrange for a good metabolism. And that's what it's all about!

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The advantages

lose weight easily

no longer feeling hungry

maintain your muscle mass

burn up to 85% of your fat mass

scientifically proven

durable results

How does the Lignavita diet work?

How do you lose weight?

Very easy. The Lignavita food concept stands for few sugars and carbohydrates and a balanced protein intake, vegetable fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals. It is a simple protein diet which will help you lose those excess pounds and maintain your weight.

Put an end to that yo-yo effect once and for all!

1. Weight Loss program

Based on your excess weight, a very simple principle is drawn up with 3 starting programs (boxes).

= excess weight ≥ 10 kg

= excess weight 5 - 10 kg

= excess weight ≤ 5 kg

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2. Maintainance program

During the maintenance program, we will gradually reintroduce your body to sugars and carbohydrates within a healthy and balanced diet.

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Start today!

To start with Lignavita, please contact one of the trained Lignavita coaches.

Our consultants will guide you towards fast and durable weight loss in a responsible way. During the weekly checkups, we analyze your body (fat mass, muscle mass, metabolic age etc.). That way, we can closely monitor whether you’re only losing fat mass, and that you’re not actually losing muscle mass.

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